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They called me “Sensei”, and I accepted that with a straight face. I have nothing worth boasting about. No learning to speak of. No talent. My body’s a mess, my heart impoverished. Only the fact that I’ve known suffering, enough suffering to feel qualified to let these youths call me “Sensei” without protesting – that’s all I have, the only straw of pride I can cling to. But it’s one I’ll never let go of. A lot of people have written me off as a spoiled, selfish child, but how many really know how I’ve suffered inside? Osamu Dazai

I’m a teacher living in Kyoto. I’ve lived here for nine years and I like it very much. I have another (much more popular) blog for those people who are interested in Kyoto, appropriately named deepkyoto.com. This blog right here is for people who are interested in me (I’m thinking mainly friends and family but you’re all welcome). To find your way around: use the categories! Happy browsing!

My other sites:

twitter: the latest thing
deepkyoto : my guide to Kyoto
flickr : photographs
youtube : assorted videos for your delectation and delight

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