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Mewby’s Birthday 2011

November 4, 2011 / Comments Off on Mewby’s Birthday 2011

Halloween was Mewby’s birthday so I took her out for a meal at a posh French restaurant. You can read the details on Deep Kyoto, but basically they had great food and great coffee, but a crap drinks menu and they served me whale. Mewby liked her dessert anyway, so that’s something.

After the restaurant, our thirsts still unquenched we popped in at Kisui. Every year Setchan makes a big point of celebrating Halloween and having all her customers dress up. Setchan really loves Halloween. Anyway the place was full of lively characters, all in costume and all in high spirits who immediately burst into a rousing “Happy Birthday to you…!”  as soon as we walked through the door. Setchan and Risae’s costumes were particularly impressive:

And though we didn’t come in costume, Setchan has her own stash of wigs and accoutrements on hand and so we were encouraged to dress accordingly:

Then home for cake and candles – and as it was Halloween it seemed appropriate somehow that Mewby wear my AC/DC devil horns…

Welcome Back Taisho!

Taisho is back at Joao and last Saturday we celebrated. Here is the obligatory photographic evidence…

If you click through to the end of the pics there’s also a short video displaying some of Koji’s smooth moves!

Friday night in Joao

March 21, 2010 / Comments Off on Friday night in Joao

Drunk girls love Koji’s pasta!

How Did I Spend St. Patrick’s Night?

March 18, 2010 / Comments Off on How Did I Spend St. Patrick’s Night?

By not going to any Irish pubs. On St. Paddy’s night Irish pubs in Kyoto are generally full of very loud and drunk young American men – and frankly that doesn’t appeal (no offense intended to all you quiet, mature American types). So I went to Joao instead to try out some of Koji’s famous pasta and of course once the place had filled up a bit the usual hi-jinks ensued.

Just a couple of snapshots…

February 4, 2010 / Comments Off on Just a couple of snapshots…

…from Joao last Saturday evening. Yutaka (right) and his cousin Manabu (left):

Mewby and Me:

Happy New Year!

January 6, 2010 / Comments Off on Happy New Year!

It’s January 6th already – Twelfth Night no less – and time to take down the Christmas tree. Back to work the day after tomorrow – but still, only two more months till Spring vacation. (sighs –  thinks, “What an awesome job”) Here’s a couple of piccies of our Mewby at Shimogamo shrine last Sunday.

It is of course the year of the Tiger.

The Shimogamo area is one of my favorite places in Kyoto – a great place for a stroll in the woods and lots of great cafes and restaurants in the area. We went to antighseinsse for dinner and had one of Horie’s handmade pizzas – he puts the basil into the dough. And I had two pints of delicious chocolatey-rich tasting Tokyo Black real ale. But we didn’t like the gormless and charmless twit Horie has working with him now,  so we retreated to Sheeps and I had a savoury pint of Yona Yona real ale followed by a glass of Jamesons (as the beer was getting heavy). And then we felt like seeing Se-chan so we went to Kisui and I started on nihonshu… And then I woke up the next day with a sore head. Silly me.

Now yesterday I went to the Kampo museum to look at some super psychedelic Huichol yarn paintings – but if you want to read about that, you’ll have to click here.

Boys and their Toys

December 1, 2009 / Comments Off on Boys and their Toys

Ha! Ghastly November is finally over! Actually I realised that part of my gloom last month was simply down to a lack of exercise. Catching a cold and feeling terrible kept me out of the gym for almost 3 weeks. When I got back in there I did exactly 6 squats and then immediately felt the effects of the endorphins coursing through my body and into my brain. All of a sudden I was all happy and positive and rushing from weight machine to weight machine like a giddy child running round a playground.  So that’s good then. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Neon SoundCollage: When we finally made it to Collage on Friday night, we were just in time to be told by pretty much everybody that Satoko had just finished her set (moments earlier) and how very very brilliant it was. Which was a shame. And somewhat galling. However, Yamada-san himself was in very high spirits as the event was clearly a great success. Lots of people were there and some of them were even dancing. Wow! I however, drank exactly 3 beers and took exactly one picture. Here it is:IMG_2192
Saturday was boy’s night at Joao.
Taisho in an especially jolly mood, broke out the guitars and we had a singalong.

One last picture. Jeff Trambley posted this on facebook today and made me laugh out loud. It’s a picture from 1998 of he and I performing some Madonna at the Fukushima Jets Leavers’ Party. Those were the days!
Me & Jeff
And don’t I look skinny!

Joao 15th Anniversary Party

July 13, 2009 / Comments Off on Joao 15th Anniversary Party


Saturday night was Joao‘s 15th anniversary party. This party was much like other Joao parties. Riki and Nana were jumping about behind the bar.


Koji took his shirt off.


And I stole someone’s hat.


There was one notable difference this time though. After a long absence, Kageyan was back behind a bar.


Yutaka was snapping away with my camera for a while and took way too many good ones. Here’s a selection. Just click the buttons to move forward and back or click on the pics themselves for a closer look. Many congratulations to Taisho!
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Sweet Strings

May 4, 2009 / Comments Off on Sweet Strings

Last Friday, Ted Taylor and I met up at Sarasa Kayuukoji for some old timey jazz and oishii beers. That’s a nice cafe with some very tasty nibbles of which we ordered …way too much.


We were there to see Sweet Strings… which turns out to be not one band but a label for a mixed co-operative of players who combine and recombine in many different formats under separate band names. It turned out to be a very nice mellow start to our Golden Week. Here’s comrade Ted toasting May Day:


My first month at my new job being over, I needed a break. Though I’m enjoying the job, I’m crazy busy every day, so knowing I had the next few days off meant the beers were going down very well – maybe too well (hints of sheepish ruefulness). Anyway, here’s one of many videos I took that night: Tiny Mookie and Hot Society.

I won’t be able to post anything on Deep Kyoto for a while as someone (or something) has hacked it and inserted something nasty that prevents me from logging in. Actually, I’m thinking about making some big changes to the site once I wrest back control so…stay tuned.


April 30, 2009 / Comments Off on Help!

Something very bad has happened to Deep Kyoto. If you try to look at it there’s a page of code you have to scroll through to get to the home page. But what’s worse (for me) is I can’t access admin – when I try I just get code. If anyone out there in the interwebs or blogosphere (or whatever) has a clue why or what or (mainly) how to fix it I’d be much obliged.

And because that alone would be a pretty hopeless blog post I’ll add this video for Mewby. Maybe the best rendition of Stand By Me ever?

Coming soon: Mewby’s Kitchen.

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