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Our Wedding Reception


Here continuing on from the wedding ceremony photos I posted yesterday are our reception photos. As I wrote previously, the venue was the Sodoh in Higashiyama, formerly an artist’s villa and about as Kyoto-rashi a place as you could ever hope for. As my family were traveling a long way for the wedding, I wanted them to experience a real Kyoto style wedding and this place really fit the bill! The photos were taken by a nimble chap from La-Vie Photography. And I must say he did an excellent job, because for much of the time I was hardly aware he was there. And you can see that he was running round getting every possible picture from every possible angle at a fair old pace, so the guy clearly has (dare I say it?) ninja skills.

akk04190202An intellectual discussion between big brother Patrick, and brother-in-law Peter.

akk04190235Sake barrel bashing. It’s a thing.

akk04190243My sister Bernadette’s toast: “Only when we give joyfully, without hesitation or thought of gain can we truly know what love means.


akk04190254A very happy Tadg.

akk04190258Our awesome band: Fujiya Mountain.

After our toast it was time to take pictures. Naturally everybody wanted to take pictures, so by the time this was over my cheekbones were hurting from constant smiling (no exaggeration).

akk04190276With Dylan & Asaki.

akk04190284With Nakano-kun.

akk04190286With Yoshida-kun and Tae.

akk04190290With Richard & Mika.

akk04190302With my family!

akk04190307With my big brother & Bernadette’s interminable tablet.

akk04190314With Yoshida-kun, Ayumi, Yutaka, & Tae.

akk04190321With Duncan & Izumi.

akk04190330A quiet moment.

akk04190344A happy selfie with Satoshi & Jeff (the two best dressed gents at the party).

akk04190349With Paul Carty, Christopher Fryman, Itsuyo Higashinaka, and Joseph Cronin (a fine body of men).

akk04190353With nice Mr. Fryman.

akk04190373My sister Christina’s speech/power point presentation.

akk04190382Can’t remember why we were laughing but it must have been a good one!

akk04190386The big picture.

akk04190389A video message from my old buddy Michael Potter.

akk04190393Coincidentally the day of our wedding was also the 27th wedding anniversary of my sister Sheila and her husband Peter. Here they are receiving some well-deserved applause.

akk04190391A video message from my mom.

akk04190426Miu’s speech.

akk04190430My speech.

akk04190444akk04190447Cake cutting (I never actually tasted it but I heard it was good).

akk04190449A wild horde of cameras.


akk04190515Our first dance.

akk04190519Some final words of thanks.

akk04190525Our sincere appreciation to all who joined us on the day.

akk04190530Congrats from Taisho.

akk04190569Saying goodbye to Max.

akk04190570With Robert & Chihiro.

akk04190571With Tadg & Mika McLoughlin and Brian Williams.

akk04190574A moment in the garden.

And that was our day! Next week I will start posting pictures from our honeymoon in Portugal. Till then…

akk04190589Ciao ciao!

Our Wedding Ceremony

September 13, 2016 / 6 Comments on Our Wedding Ceremony
Pagoda pose.

Pagoda pose.

Before I start sharing more honeymoon pictures I really ought to share our wedding photos. However, there are so many that I will have to break this up into a two parter with the reception pics coming next. The location is the Sodoh in Higashiyama, Kyoto. Formerly the private villa of early 20th century nihonga painter Takeuchi Seiho, it is now the site of a restaurant and wedding venue. To be honest when we went to see this location we assumed it would be too pricey for us, but we both fell in love with the beautiful buildings and gardens, and when I saw the chapel in particular, with the great glass window at the back looking out onto a waterfall… I knew that was where we would be married.

Here are the pictures from our wedding ceremony on the evening of Friday July 29th 2016.

akk04190048Feeling nervous…

akk04190067I don’t think I have ever felt prouder than the moment when Miu entered the chapel.

akk04190085The processional music was Appalachia Waltz and our celebrant was our good friend, John Dougill.

akk04190091My beautiful bride.

akk04190094My brother’s fine reading of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116.

akk04190108Emi Uchigashima’s equally fine reading of Kaneko Misuzu‘s “Love: That is How you Behave” *


akk04190124Our vows.

akk04190134 akk04190137Exchanging the rings.

akk04190139And we are married!

akk04190144The bride & groom. Our recessional music was Seasons of Love from Miu’s favorite musical, Rent.

akk04190148akk04190160Thank you to our families!

akk04190159And thank you so much to everyone who joined us on the day!

* 愛それは行動です(金子 みすゞより)
愛 それは 言葉ではなく
愛 それは 言葉ではなく
愛 それは 言葉でなく
愛 それは 言葉ではなく

“Love: That is How You Behave” by Kaneko Misuzu

That is not a word
It is breaking a sweat

That is not a word
It is a mutual dedication

All of your joys
Sharing together
Through sadness and suffering
Walking together

That is not a word
It is something everlasting

That is not a word
It is believing in each other

Big Sis with her interminable tablet.

Reception photos will follow soon! Till then here’s Big Sis with her interminable tablet!

Trip to the UK; July 2015

July 28, 2015 / Comments Off on Trip to the UK; July 2015


Where many meals were eaten and walks were walked. I neglected to take any pictures of this part so am “borrowing” a couple.

Solihull by Mary M

This photo by Bernadette

Solihull by Miu

Walking with John in Solihull Park by Mewby


Mewby outside the house where Shakespeare was born.

Mewby outside the house where Shakespeare was born.

Mewby & my sister Christina waiting for their pub lunch.

Mewby & Christina waiting for their pub lunch.

Mewby outside the church where Shakespeare is buried.

Mewby outside the church where Shakespeare is buried.


A tour of impressively posh Stowe School with my sister Bernadette.

Mewby and Bernadette

Mewby and Bernadette

In the library

In the library

IMG_1509 (Medium)

Me & Bill Shakespeare at the Temple of Worthies...

Me & Bill Shakespeare at the Temple of Worthies…

IMG_1517 (Medium)

IMG_1518 (Medium)

IMG_1519 (Medium)

IMG_1521 (Medium)

Two ladies in the Palladium

Two ladies in the Palladium



A whole lotta lamb

A whole lotta lamb


I spent a year in this town when I was 18. It felt a bit funny coming back here two decades after I last visited…

Me outside the Royal Oak pub in Oxford where I worked as a weekend bartender 1988-9. (This pic by Bernadette)

Me outside the Royal Oak pub in Oxford where I worked as a weekend bartender 1988-9 (this pic by Bernadette)

Lunch in the Royal Oak Oxford - I have to say it was very good!

Lunch in the Royal Oak Oxford – I have to say it was very good! (this pic by Bernadette)

The streets were packed!

IMG_1537 (Medium)

So it was a relief to get up in the clouds by climbing the tower of St. Michael at the North Gate.

IMG_1531 (Medium)

IMG_1538 (Medium)

IMG_1540 (Medium)


IMG_1544 (Medium)

We did a bus tour as well, but I think we enjoyed it more than that grumpy looking lady behind us. This pic by Mewby.

We did a bus tour as well, but I think we enjoyed it more than that grumpy looking lady behind us. This pic by Mewby.


One day only we escaped to Cambridge. Apologies to my friends there who I didn’t have time to see. Next time!

The Backs...

The Backs…

Punting with Jasper…



IMG_1561 (Medium)

IMG_1568 (Medium)

IMG_1570 (Medium)

IMG_1574 (Medium)

A picture postcard view of King’s College…

IMG_1577 (Medium)

Perfect light on Parker’s Piece…

IMG_1664 (Medium)

The wonderful Botanical Gardens…

IMG_1615 (Medium)

IMG_1581 (Medium)

IMG_1587 (Medium)

IMG_1593 (Medium)

IMG_1601 (Medium)

IMG_1603 (Medium)

IMG_1604 (Medium)

IMG_1606 (Medium)

IMG_1610 (Medium)

IMG_1611 (Medium)

IMG_1614 (Medium)

Up in the clouds again at Great St Mary’s Church tower…



The Senate House

The Senate House

That there in the distance is the University Library. Looks like a penis, eh?

That there in the distance is the University Library. Looks a bit phallic, eh?

A bunch of old buildings...

A bunch of old buildings…

Market Square

Market Square



Great St Mary's

Great St Mary’s


Walking on Mersea island with the Readers

IMG_1630 (Medium)

IMG_1631 (Medium)

IMG_1634 (Medium)

IMG_1635 (Medium)

IMG_1636 (Medium)

IMG_1638 (Medium)

IMG_1640 (Medium)

Hannah and Joe

IMG_1671 (Medium)


IMG_1674 (Medium)

IMG_1677 (Medium)

IMG_1680 (Medium)

IMG_1678 (Medium)

IMG_1684 (Medium)

IMG_1642 (Medium)

IMG_1647 (Medium)

IMG_1688 (Medium)

IMG_1689 (Medium)

And then it was only a 30 hour journey to get back here! All well worth it though. Many thanks to all my family for putting us up, cooking great meals, showing us around and generally showing us a great time. I am missing you all already…

First Christmas in Solihull – December 2012

January 16, 2013 / Comments Off on First Christmas in Solihull – December 2012

…all night he dreamed of his own house and wandered in his sleep into all his different rooms looking for something that he could not find nor remember what it looked like.
-J.R.R. Tolkien “The Hobbit”

My mother having sold the old family home in November, and relocated to Solihull, our annual family gathering was at my sister’s house this Christmas.


My sister’s house in Solihull

How lovely it was to see my family again, after another year apart.

Bernadette & Mommy

Bernadette & my mother pretending to drink Guinness

Nice too, to stuff my face on my sister’s fine cooking.


Risotto with spinach & sea bass


Can’t quit remember what this was, but it looks nice doesn’t it? Maybe a potato & spinach gratin…

Xmas dinner

Christina’s world famous nut roast with all the trimmings!

Some more family photos…

IMG_4789 (Medium)

Christmas Dinner

Boxing day

28th December with the Readers



My Winter #2 Home for Xmas

January 10, 2012 / Comments Off on My Winter #2 Home for Xmas

Family snaps…

It was lovely to see them. As we have so often done before, the Mulrys, my mother and myself made a little day trip to that lovely North Yorkshire seaside town Whitby… Click through to the individual pictures on flickr if you would like a little more information.

And finally Saltburn with Mr. Potter… Here’s Mike Potter and his girlfriend Lisa who I met for the first time.And a charming lady she is too.

This is the place we had lunch at, Virgo’s in Saltburn. Saltburn is a lovely old Victorian seaside town on the wild north-east coast and Virgo’s is a very nice bistro/cafe with a great menu that includes several vegetarian dishes.

I had pasta with pesto and pine nuts. All the ps.

These two had some other stuff… We were all really satisfied anyway.

It was too cold and windy for walking so we retreated to the Ship – an old smugglers pub for pints and pirate impressions.

It’s always good to see Mr. Potter. Here’s a little Teesside moon from the journey back…


A White Christmas in Middlesbrough

Come hell or high snowdrifts I was determined to get back home for Christmas this year and in the end my journey home was pretty smooth. As I travelled via Amsterdam and Teeside Airport I managed to avoid all the trouble down south. My return journey on the other hand turned into a bit of a nightmare. Just as I was arriving at the airport I heard on the taxi’s radio that my flight had been cancelled (presumably due to fog). My trip was rescheduled and I was put into a taxi to Manchester from where I flew to Qatar and from there on to Japan. This added 7 hours to my journey time and almost added more as my plane into Qatar was late and I had to literally run to catch my next plane. On arrival at Kansai airport though I dicovered my luggage hadn’t made it though and was still in Qatar! Hilarious eh? Well I got my suitcase back again today, thankfully, and have been happily munching on the British chocolate and sipping the Yorkshire tea that I’d packed.

Here are some pictures from the old homestead in the Boro. Here is the view from our house on Christmas morning. Notice the For Sale sign by our hedge in the foreground. This may well be the last time I spend Christmas in the house I grew up in. Sometimes though, you just have to let go

Sycamore Road in the snow Christmas morning 2010.

Here’s our back garden:

Christmas morning at Sycamore Road

Lovely, isn’t it?

Christmas morning at Sycamore Road

This is only the second time in 40 years I’ve seen snow like this in Middlesbrough at this time of year. It’s not just due to freak weather conditions either. Things are changing

Christmas morning at Sycamore Road

Every year my dad would put those lights up in the garden. This time my mom had to do it on her own…

Christmas dinner

As I don’t eat meat my sister makes me a special nut roast every year. It’s gorgeous!

Tucking in. Left to right, my sister Christina, her husband John and a little bit of my niece Charlotte.

Left to right, my sister Bernadette and my mom

Boxing Day. A view from the Avenue of the Holy Name of Mary church.

Munchkins: my nephew Joseph and niece Catherine.

My family December 27th.

The reason we are all scrunched in like that is that I made the mistake of saying "little ones at the front" forgetting completely that we are all quite little in my family.

A brisk walk on Redcar beach.

The view from Redcar towards Marske and Saltburn

Daddy’s birthday

December 20, 2010 / Comments Off on Daddy’s birthday

When he was young they said he looked like John Wayne...

My father, who passed away last spring, would have been 93 today. Every year on his birthday all five of his children would call him up (if they weren’t at home) to wish him well. He was a quiet, shy sort of man and hated answering the phone. On any normal occasion he would go to great lengths to avoid answering it, and if he did have to answer it the conversation that ensued tended to be awkward. So I guess he must have had mixed feelings about getting all those phone calls and having to answer the calls himself. On the one hand he was secretly pleased – it was his special day. On the other hand he was secretly stressed – he really hated talking on the phone. One year, I was home for his birthday. He must have been in his late 80’s at the time. As everyone was calling in the early evening, they kept interrupting his dinner. Exasperated at having to get up out his chair yet again he said, “Next time I get married, I’m having less children!” My mom thought that was hilarious.
Well, as I don’t have the extension number for the great beyond, I’ll say it here. Happy birthday, Daddy. I bet you’re glad you don’t have to answer that phone anymore!

Family Photos

March 15, 2010 / Comments Off on Family Photos

Some family photos from Britain and Ireland… My dad had two funerals, one in the church he attended for 43 years in Middlesbrough and one back in his home parish of Skerries before being buried in the family grave at Lusk. As you can see from the photos from the reception – I have a lot of cousins (and that’s only half of them!).

Here are some pictures from Skerries, Ireland:

After we got back to the UK, I stuck around for a bit to keep my mother company. We were due to go to Whitby for a day out one day, but the bus that goes there continues on to Scarborough. “Shall we go to Scarborough?” says my mom with a little twinkle in her eye. So we did. My mom loves Scarborough.

On Friday the 5th of March we finally did go to Whitby. “Not as good as Scarborough,” says my mom.


March 15, 2010 / 1 Comment on Daddy

My father, Richard Joseph Lambe, passed away peacefully on Tuesday February 16th. He was a quiet, hard-working man, a keen gardener and his greatest achievement remains his family; five children and three grandchildren. All of his children were able to say goodbye to him before he went and at 92 years old he had a good long life – but as my mother says “It’s never long enough”.

Family Albums

October 16, 2009 / Comments Off on Family Albums

Naturally when I went home to England this time I took a lot of pictures of my family:

But I also got hold of some old family pictures too. It’s interesting to see how we have changed and how we haven’t…

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